Sr.No. Client Contract Name Status
1 K-Electric Replacement of insulator Strings on 220kV KDA – Pipri Circuit I & II (3rd Phase) Completed
2 DESCON 132kV AIS Grid Station Choti & Sanjarpur Sadiqabad a/w Transmission Line Completed
3 K-Electric Rehabilitation of Rusted Towers of 220 KV BQPS # Pipri Double Circuit Transmission Lines Completed
4 K-Electric Supply & Services for installation of Cu Welded Earth wire conductor on 220kv BQPS -PIPRI Ckt 1 & 2 (Common Tower) and 220KV BQPS-PIPRI Ckt-3, 220KV BQPS-ICI-PIPRI (Common Towers) Completed
5 K-Electric Supply/ Services of Monopole Step Ladders & Step Bolts on 220kV and 132kV Overhead Transmission Line Completed
6 K-Electric Supply & Services of OPGW Fiber Links (Material / Services) Completed
7 K-Electric Survey, Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Laying, Construction, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Energization and handling over on Turnkey basis for Temporary 132KV Overhead connections at STGTPS to Connect cable Sealing End of ST to Unit transformer Block 2 Completed
8 PAEC 132KV Double Circuit Overhead T/L Looping In/Out K-1 Baldia Circuit to K-2 Design, Engineering, Survey, Supply, Installation, Erection, Testing, Commissioning and Energization on TURNKEY Basis Completed
9 K-Electric Service and Supply for Replacement of 220kV Tower X-Arms of BQPS – Pipri 1, 2 on 3 locations Completed
10 SPTD Rehabilitation Work for Projects TP -1000-02 / FWP -15 Completed
11 K-Electric Rehabilitation /Replacement of Cross, 220KV BQPS – PIPRI Ckt-1 & 2 Completed