Completion Year 2015

Sr.No. Client Contract Name Status
1 SIEMENS Design, Engineering & Civil Construction at KANUPP Extension / Modification In 132kV / 11kV Completed
2 K – Electric Repairing of OPGW for 08 Nos. Circuits (220kV Lalazar – Maripur Circuit) Completed
3 K – Electric Repair / Re-Construction / Reinforcement of Foundations (Raised piles) of 07 Nos. of Tower and Excavation of buried Foundation 04 Nos. of Towers of 220kV CCP-KCR T/Line Completed
4 K – Electric Replacement of OPGW SPANS at LANDHI Completed
5 K – Electric RCC Jacketing of Tower No : 8 foundation of 220KV KDA – Baldia Line at Main Super Highway Scheme – 33 & Civil works for Protection of Tower No : 42 of 220KV KDA – Pipri T/L at Malir Nadi Completed
6 K – Electric Hiring Services for Replacement of 400mm2 Copper Conductor of 220kV CCP/KCR Lines from Location No. 36-50 for Transmission OH Department Completed