Sr.No.ClientContract NameStatus
1KESC LTDNizva-Lvri 132 KV Transmission Line & Sub StationCompleted
2PARCOConstruction of Access Road for Sewage Plant at MCRCompleted
3PARCOBituminous Concrete Road along Maggi canal at MCRCompleted
4PARCOConstruction of Approach Road for Sulfur yard at MCRCompleted
5PARCORenovation of MC Camp at Housing Complex MCRCompleted
6PARCOConstruction of Field Toilet Block in Process area at MCRCompleted
7PARCOModification in Excise & Shipping Building at MCRCompleted
8PARCOCarpeting of Internal Roads at Korangi PS-1 KarachiCompleted
9PARCORepair / Carpeting of Roads outside Korangi PS-1 KarachiCompleted
10PARCORectification of Settled Asphaltic Road Portion at MCRCompleted
11PARCORCC Paving for Access to Satellite Workshop in Area A-700 MCRCompleted
12PARCORepair work at Diesel Laboratory at Mid Country RefineryCompleted
13PARCOConst. of Card Scanning Machine Facility on Road P at MCRCompleted
14PARCORectif. of damaged earthen portion of Flare Stack Fondn. at MCRCompleted
15PARCOReplacement of Damaged False Ceiling in Lab Building at MCRCompleted
16PARCODevelopment work at Korangi PS-1 KarachiCompleted
17PARCOConst of Fire Fighting Facility at Sulfur Storage yard MCRCompleted
18PARCOConst of Store Room near Operator Room in ETP area at MCRCompleted
19PARCOConst of Store Room near Operator Room in Utility area at MCRCompleted
20PARCORepair & Maintenance of Open Drain at Korangi PS-1 KarachiCompleted
21PARCOConst of Air Strip Distt. Dadu SindhCompleted
22PARCOConst of Facilities for Hydro Jetting Station at MCRCompleted