Sr.No. Client Contract Name Status
1 NEIE/Nespak In Out Arrangement of 500kV Guddu – Multan 3rd Circuit at Rahim Yar Khan 500kV Substation Completed
2 Master City PVT Ltd Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Underground External Electrification in Block A & B at Master City Gujranwala Completed
3 PEL-TAIKAI (JV) 132kV/ 220kV Substation at Dera Murad Jamali Completed
4 NTDC/ NEIE Thar Mithyari Tower Erection 500kV NEIE Completed
5 K-Electric Supply & Installation of DEAD-END CLAMPS-170 & 171 Completed
6 K-Electric Supply for replacement of compression Dead End Clamp at 220kv BQPS-PIPRI-WEST CKT 3 and BQPS-ICI-PIPRI WEST CKT-4 Completed
7 K-Electric Hiring services for Replacement of DEBs of Tension Tower /Gantries of 220kv BQPS 1 PIPRI Ckt and Cross arms in 1st Phase for T/L Completed
8 K-Electric Service for Replacement of Disc Insulator Strings at 220KV BQPS-KCR Circuit I & II Completed
9 K-Electric Service for Replacement of Disc Insulator Strings at 220KV KDA-Pripri Circuit I & II Completed
10 K-Electric Painting of 220kV EHT Towers Completed
11 K-Electric Replacement/Services required for Monopole at Location# 16(N) Of 132KV Haroonabad – Maripur Ckt – 1 & 2 Completed
12 K-Electric Procurement of Tower Step Bolts for 132kV & 220kV Tower Completed
13 K-Electric Relocation of KE HT/EHT/Infrastructure M9 Project (Super Highway) KM 14+815 interchange (Baqai Chowk) near Karachi Toll plaza and 20+553 interchange near Dunba goth Completed
14 K-Electric Relocation of 132kV KDA/FEDERAL.B and 132kV FEDERAL.B/VALIKA OHTL Circuit at Nagan Chowrangi Completed
15 K-Electric 132kv Overhead T/L Looping IN/OUT Dhabeji–Gharo circuit for 132kv OurSun (35MW) Power Plant Installation, Erection, Testing, commissioning and Energization on Turnkey Basics Completed
16 K-Electric Procurement of STP 52”. CIB 33” and 42” With Complete Fittings Completed
17 K-Electric Construction of 132kV Overhead Transmission Line (FWP-07) Completed
18 K-Electric Construction of 132kV Overhead Transmission Line(FWP-06 & 10) Completed
19 K-Electric Replacement of ACS Earth wire on 220kV KDA-Baldia, KDA-NKI & Baldia-NKI Completed