• Korangi, Industrial Area, Karachi

Projects in 2021

S.No. Client Project Title Agreement No Contractor/Sub-Contractor
1 LSN & Sean Consortium KOREA/NTDC 132 Kv Overhead Transmission Line Larkana - Dadu - Mehar (Sindh) Hesco 08 HESCO 08 Sub-Contractor
2 FWO Kurram Tangi Dam Project, North Waziristan, Civil, Electrical And Mechanical Work 607/CA/34/KTMD/SDO Contractor
3 Pakistan Services Limited Construction of Gabion Walls and Stone Continental Hotel Mirpur Contractor
4 K-Electric Procurement of sevices installation of OPGW PIP-RECP-GHARO-OURSUN 7500040421 Contractor
5 K-Electric Service contract for OPGW/FOC Maintainence contract of KE Telecon Fiber Optic Network. 4410001880 Contractor
6 K-Electric Services Required for laying of OPGW splicing Installation and testing 7500044171 Contractor
7 K-Electric Procurement of services for replacement of Disc Insulators for KDA-NKI-Baldia-Surjani 7500042097 Contractor
8 K-Electric Procurement of RCC Structure on 132KV Hub-Vindar and 66KV Vinder-Uthal-Bela OHTL. 7500040000 Contractor
9 Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Corp., Ltd Lott-III Section-II 220KV STD Twin Bundle Transmission Line From T- Point to UCH Contractor
10 K-Electric Painting of OHTLs of 132kV Queens road-Clifton-Gizri 7500042584 Contractor
11 K-Electric Painting of OHTLs structures of 132kV KDA-Johar-Hospital-Gulshan. 7500042603 Contractor
12 K-Electric Painting of OHTLs structures of 132kV Fed.B-Valika-Surjani-Maymar 7500042604 Contractor
13 K-Electric Painting of OHTLs structures of 132kV Pipri-K.Town-KEPZ-Landhi 7500042605 Contractor
14 K-Electric Material and Service for Rehabilitation 132KV OHTL Tower under Encroached Area Landhi-Gul Ahmed. 7500042177 Contractor
15 K-Electric Survey, Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Construction, Installation, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Energization and Handing over on Turnkey basis of 220kV Overhead & Underground T/L for 220kV Dhabeji Grid Station Contract Agreement Contractor
16 TP 1000-01 Civil work and Tower/ Pole erection for location T036-050 of FWP01-1 New Port Qasim to KDA transmission line FWP01-2 New Port Qasim GS to Power Plant Transmission line PO/FW-1/Lst/331/001 Sub Contractor
17 PAEC Survey, Geotechnical Study, Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Laying, Construction, Instalaltion, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Energization And Handing Over On Turnkey Basis A New 132 Kv Double Circuit Transmission Line (Permanent Arrangement) From K-Electric 132 Kv Baldia Grid Station K2-K3 Gantry (On Trunkey Basis) K2/K2-PD(132 KV)/02/2021/337 Contractor
18 Siemens Installation & Testing Work At NPQ Station 4510361543 Contractor
19 Harbin Electric 900 MW BQPS-111 COMBINED CYCLE PLANT & ASSOCIATED TRANSMISSION PROJECTS 1800113-010207-301-B18 Contractor
20 K-Electric OPGW Laying (32 KM ) Splicing & Tasting 7500039784 Contractor
21 K-Electric TRANSMISSION PROJECTS 7500044524 Contractor
Total 0 0Mn