Sr.No. Client Contract Name Status
1 DW & CE.SPD Construction of 8* Sldrs Flats (G+3) Block No.1 Qureshi Line-HQ 8 DIV & Block No.2 Ghufran Shah Line-HQ 15 DIV at Sialkot Under Execution
2 LSN & Sean Consortium KOREA/NTDC 132 Kv Overhead Transmission Line Larkana – Dadu – Mehr (Sindh) Hesco 08 Under Execution
3 K-Electric Service contract for OPGW/FOC Maintenance contract of KE Telecom Fiber Optic Network Under Execution
4 K-Electric Reinforcement (Replacement of Conductor & Hardware) of existing 132kV Overhead Double Circuit T/L Baldia–Hub and Baldia-Tapal and Tapal – Hub Circuits Under Execution
5 K-Electric Services of Replacement of Old/deteriorated Insulator Strings with hardware fittings on 220kV BQPS – KCR Ckt I & II (3rd Phase) Under Execution
6 K-Electric Procurement of Damper & Spacer for TMOH Under Execution
7 FWO Kurram Tangi Dam Project, North Waziristan CPM Bid for Bill NO: C-1- N -Civil, Electrical And Mechanical Work Under Execution
8 NTDC Civil Work, Erection Stringing, Testing & Commissioning of 500Kv D/C Quaid bundle Transmission Line from HUBCO Power Plant To Existing 500kV Jamshoro Grid Station Under Execution
9 Pakistan Services Limited Construction of Gabion Walls and Stone Continental Hotel Mirpur Under Execution
10 K-Electric Services required dismantle Tower # 09, 10 & 11 along with span conductor b/w location # 9 and 11 of 66kV whest wharf-Mauripur Site Nazimabad-Valika-Malir (abandoned OHTL) as and where basis Under Execution
11 K-Electric Services are required for interconnections of Temporary import of about 150 MW from looping In/Out Existing KE’s Dhabeji-OurSun-Circuit with NTDC 220/132kV Hydrochina-Jhampir circuit Under Execution
12 K-Electric CRO-Rehabilitation of EHT Tower Foundation and Stub Under Execution
13 K-Electric Installation of Underground Feeders Under Execution