Sr.No. Client Contract Name Status
1 K-Electric Replacement of 132kV Gharo Grid Gantry RCC Structure (Karachi) Completed
2 K-Electric Service for Replacement of Disc Insulator Strings at 220kV KDA Pipri Circuit I & II Completed
3 K-Electric Service for Replacement of Disc Insulator Strings at 220kV BQPS-KCR Circuit I & II Completed
4 K-Electric 132kV Overhead Transmission Line Looping In/ Out BOC-Dhabeji Circuit for 132kV FFBL Grid Station Design, Engineering, Survey, Supply, Installation, Erection, Testing, Commissioning & Energization on Turnkey Basis Completed
5 K-Electric Tower Replacement for 66kV Vinder Uthal Bela Line Completed
6 K-Electric Hiring Services for Replacement of Cross Arms in 1st Phase for Trans-OH of Tension Tower/Gantries of 220kV BQPS 1-Pipri Ckt I & II Completed
7 Technomen Kinetics 132kV Double Circuit Transmission Line from Nooriabad 100MW Power Plant to KDA Scheme 33 K-Electric Sub Station Karachi Completed
8 K-Electric Tower Replacement for 132kV Baldia-KANUPP Line Completed
9 K-Electric Supply & Services for Replacement of Cross Arms of 132kV Korangi Town-Pipri & 132kV KEPZ-Pipri Completed
10 K-Electric Painting of 220kV EHT Towers Completed
11 K-Electric Service for Installation of CU. Welded Earth wire 150 mm2 KANUPP Gantry to T#8 on 132kV Baldia-KANUPP T/E Completed
12 DW & CE.SPD Construction of GMC Type A at Quad Gar – Re-appropriation a fund Pri-list Fy 2010-11 to 2014-15 Phase II Completed
13 HESCO/CCC Procurement of Plant, Design, Supply, Installation and Testing & Commissioning of one (1) Nos. Conversion from 66kV to 132kV (AIS) Grid Station at Tando Ghulam Ali along with Allied T/L Completed
14 K-Electric Installation of Cross Arm Of 220KV Tower Completed